Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sshhhh - Thursday 30 July

We're having our second gathering of Sshhhh...come along if you're interested...

Thursday, 30 July from 5:30pm at Revolting Books Library (128 Abel Smith St).

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Wellington Winter ZineFest

There is going to be a Winter zine market at Thistle Hall in Wellington
from 12-5pm on Saturday 18th July at Thistle Hall.

The Freedom Shop will be there with a range of old and new zines, including:  Are we all New Zealanders now? A Maori response to the Pakeha quest for indigeneity //  The Myth of Passivity //  Tino Rangatiratanga; The Treaty of Waitangi Today // Troublemakers: Anarchism and Syndicalism: The Early Years of the libertarian movement in New Zealand //  Why Reject the Treaty? A Maori-Pakeha Viewpoint //  Anarchy: The Transmogrification of Everyday Life //  The Myth of the Queue // Bougainville: Independence Must Come Up //  For Kanak Independence: The fight against French rule in New Caledonia //  Juggling the Rainbow //   Out Here: Personal Writing from Queers in Aotearoa //  Luca //  Midnight Cowgirl //  The Murder of Tamasese //  Museifushugi: A brief history of Anarchism in Pre War Japan //  Radicle: Anarchist writings on justice, faith and class //  The Nervous Triggermen: Samoa's Struggle to end New Zealand's Colonial Rule //  Not Afraid or Ruins //  and many more.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Left Over #3

The Trans‐Pacific Partnership Agreement
An old agenda in a new wrapper

A talk and discussion about the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, an international trade and investment deal currently under negotiation. This has been presented by the government as a huge economic opportunity, but has been criticised as an unprecedented step towards corporate dominance.

We'll look at its history, and how it fits in with the New Zealand government's pro-business and anti-democratic policies over the last three decades. We'll also consider the rise and fall of the 'anti-globalisation' movement and how the opposition is shaping up this time around.

When: 7pm, Tuesday July 7th 2015
Where: 19 Tory Street (AKA 17 Tory Street), Wellington.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Aargh Number 4 is online

The fourth edition of the Aotearoa Anarchist Review, titled ‘WAR’ can be downloaded here.

It contains a bunch of articles, poems and a cartoon on, surprise, various wars - past, present and future - as well as advice on how to stay sane in a capitalist world, a piece on surveillance overload and other stuff. If you would like a printed copy, send us an email.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Happy 20th!

The Freedom Shop’s 20th birthday party was appropriately opened by the ceremonial smashing of a TV.

Inside Thistle Hall there was a timeline of the history of the shop with many historic photos. A zine making workshop lasted the whole afternoon, a patch making workshop was held and visitors enjoyed having a go at ‘pinning the lie on John Key’ (over 200 lies were available to chose from). And of course plenty of radical books, zines, patches and CDs were on sale.

Freedom Shoppers who had started the original shop (which was right across the road from Thistle Hall at 272 Cuba St – now the bypass) told yarns about the early days of the shop and an interesting discussion was had around the future of radical publishing (watch this space).

In the evening we enjoyed music by Dick Whyte, Dead Vicious, Awkward Death and The Four Stars until late.

Thanks to the many people who contributed and helped make the event happen! For those who missed it, stay tuned for our 50th.

On the meantime, you can read up on the history of the shop here, and if you would like to get involved, contact us at

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Freedom Shop Birthday - 20 years old

On the 1st of May 2015, the Freedom Shop in Wellington turned 20! And on Saturday 9th May we will celebrate.

We think that lasting 20 years is no small achievement for an anarchist collective and we are celebrating this anniversary by having an exhibition and a day of events at the Thistle Hall, right across the road from where the shop started on 20 years ago in 1995.

9 May 2015, midday till midnight

Thistle Hall, corner Cuba and Arthur Streets, Wellington.

  • 12 noon: Opening of the exhibition, followed by food.
  • 1 pm: The Freedom Shop history, a discussion about the history of the shop and a chance for current and past members of the Collective to reminisce.
  • 3 pm: The future of radical publishing. Come and join a chat about how we can ensure radical books and literature will continue to be available.
  • 5 pm: What is anarchism? What does it mean to say you are an anarchist? What do we think anarchy is? Come along and join a discussion about anarchism. Food will be available around this time also.
  • 9 pm: Music, including Dead Vicious, Awkward Death and the Four Stars.
- All afternoon - zine-making and patch-making workshops.

- Food -  will be available after the opening and also after the 5pm discussion.

- The Exhibition, books, zines and music will be open from 12.

See you there!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Remember the Peacemakers

Thistle Hall, as part of the 'Remember the Peacemakers' exhibition are also hosting a library 'Between the Lines'.
Remember the Peacemakers, and the library, runs from the 21 April - 2 May at Thistle Hall. 
Freedom Shop and Revolting Books, an anarchist library located at 128 Abel Smith St, have both loaned books and zines from their collections for the two weeks that Remember the Peacemakers runs. 
Check out the programme for Remember the Peacemakers here 
Thistle Hall is located on the corner of Cuba & Karo Drive